Aero Jet International (AJI) was incorporated in the United Arab Emirates as an Aviation service provider with a business goal to help our customers circumvent the stress, rigidity, inconvenience and frustration experience associated with commercial air travel.

Our Mission

To facilitate seamless Private Jet and Chartered Cargo services which add value to our customers and help in achieving their business mission


Our Vision

To establish Aero Jet International as a global leader in the private Jet and Chartered Cargo subsector of the Aviation Industry


We offer our services in the private jet and charter cargo subsector of the aviation Industry. Aero Jet International private aircraft and jet charter gives you the freedom to command the schedule of your travel itineraries. Whether you are moving cargo or traveling in person, groups, for business or leisure. We offer an all-inclusive service with a retinue of private Jets and helicopters fully equipped with choice amenities to help our customers achieve their travel mission and enhance the travel experience.
Our fast-paced success is an attribute of quality customer-centric service that we provide to our clientele. Our Charter service avails our customers with comfort, flexibility, security and luxury that they deserve. We have aircraft with design specifics that perfectly suit business, leisure, emergency, etc. We do not compromise regarding issues of security and safety; our supplementary aircraft operators are audited by a team of dedicated maintenance and operations auditors to ascertain operations are in tandem with the highest industry standard obtainable in the aviation industry.
We have leverage partnership in our parallel industry to enhance our capacity to deliver a world-class service to our clients. These business alliances avail Aero Jet International with decades of experience from industry leaders and state-of-the-art aviation facilities that enhance the safety, security and overall travel experience of our clients. Our customer service personnel and flight professionals offer free consultations to our clients to help them determine the type of charter flight that is best for each customer.

Passenger and Private Jet Charter Service

The Passenger Jet Charter Service of Aero Jet international negates the complications associated with effective coordination of group travel.

We handle all the needs of your group and facilitate a flexible schedule that is completely at our client’s discretion. From a fast-track transit between airports to pilgrimage and tour plans, we have designed our services to cater for the diverse needs of our customers such as Sports events, pilgrimage, political event, movie industry, etc.

As business executives, we know that time is valuable to you; therefore, we focus on helping you maximize your time efficiently.

Our private jet charter service allows top executives and senior managers work around tight schedules of numerous meetings and business appointments. Our service facilitates safety and comfort for executives and celebrities who cannot afford to travel in public glare.
Whether you are in pursuit of business or leisure our jet charter service allows you to travel the world in luxury and style. And most importantly, you have complete control over your schedule.


Below are the factors that set us apart and gives us an edge in a highly competitive industry.

1Luxury and comfort:

We facilitate the luxury and comfort that you desire. We ensure you charter flight offers you a pleasurable experience.

2Rapid response:

We have access to a wide variety of aircraft that are ready to attend to your charter flight needs at the shortest notice. We are always on standby because we know you cannot afford to wait.

3Discretion and security:

Aero Jet International work closely with security service providers regarding your charter flight guarantees your privacy

4Personal Attention:

We give personalized attention to our customers by designating a personal account manager to each client. Our dedicated personnel is available to cater for all our client’s requirements to the last detail. The account managers are available day and night accommodate last minute changes such as changes in route.

5Create your schedule:

We have the capacity to provide charter flight service at short notice, whether you need to connect to a commercial flight or attend a business meeting.

6Access to more airports:

With our service, you can reach more Airports within any country thereby getting you closer to your final destination.

7Cost efficiency:

Our cost-efficiency ratio is arguably the best in the industry. We leverage our reputation and networking power to offer our customers competitive pricing structures for our professional services.

8Private terminal access:

Avoid queues and precarious delays through the private access terminals. As such, you can board your flight within minutes of arriving the airport.

9Choice of aircraft:

We have access to aircraft of different sizes capable of fulfilling your personal travel needs of conveying your cargo to the desired destination.